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2018 Great Taste - What it's all about & the Greek winners


2018 Great Taste - What it's all about & the Greek winners

Michael Georgopoulos

Since 1994, more than 120,000 products have been put through this robust judging process. Each one is fastidiously blind-tasted by selected chefs, buyers, fine food retailers, restaurateurs, food critics and writers over 60 judging days.

They look for truly great taste, regardless of branding or packaging. Yes, they take into account the texture, appearance and of course quality ingredients; they like a good aroma, a decent bite to a sausage, a smooth lemon curd, crunchy rich pastry, but everything comes back to the taste. Is it really, truly great? 

In 2018 over 500 judges came together at 65 judging days from March through to early July to fastidiously blind-taste test 12,634 products.  Only 37% of these products were accredited receiving, either a 3 Star, 2 Star or 1 Star award. Among the winners were 273 products from Greece.

A 3 Star award designates a product as "Exquisite". These are extraordinarily tasty foods and less than 3% of products are awarded 3-stars each year.  This year This year only 192 products achieved this highest and most coveted rating and 15 of those were from Greece.

A 2 Star award designates a product as "Outstanding". These are above and beyond delicious products and less than 15% of products  of the entries will achieve this rating.  This year 1,207 products achieved this rating and 72 of those were from Greece.

A 1 Star award designates a product as "Simply Delicious". These are products that deliver fantastic flavour.  Approximately 25% of the products submitted will achieve this rating each year.  This year 3,254 products achieved this rating and 186 of those were from Greece.  Of the 186, three were from one producer, Anemoilektriki SA, and this producer is exclusively represented in Canada by Arcadia Imports. 

Anemoilektriki received a 1 Star award for each item in their Olympus Herbal Mountain Tea collection consisting of the Purity, Serenity and Vitality products.

All the winners, from Greece and beyond, are genuine food people who care about the quality of food and drink they produce so please support them by purchasing  their award winning products.  All these products are very easily identified because they all feature a Great Taste award sticker on them.